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How we gather information about visitors at

Personal privacy policy

What personal information our website may retrieve, process and store is determined by the Norwegian Personal Data Act. This applies to the entire company including the website. 

The Norwegian Personal Data Act states that we are obliged to provide information about how personal data we receive is used. Personal data received is processed pursuant to Chapter II, Section 8 of the Norwegian Personal Data Act.

The main responsibility for processing personal data lies with Wenche Dyrud c/o the CEO, registered organisation no. 917523495.

Accessing, correcting or deleting personal information
For queries about accessing, correcting or deleting of personal information please contact  

Information processed and purpose of processing
On the website we collect personal data on the contact and registration forms that the user can fill out, for example to enroll to a course or sign up for an event or order a service. In such instances we request the information we need in order to deliver the service and/or contact the person.  

Storage and sharing of personal data
Personal information registered in forms on our website is not accessible to other site visitors. The information is stored at and is not used for any other purpose than that to which the form applies. Information is not shared with third parties unless this is necessary in order to deliver the service that is ordered or if you have consented to this upon completing the form. does not sell personal information to others.

Searching on the website 
Search words used on the website are collected and stored by Google Analytics . The purpose of this is to be able to use data about what it is being searched for, to customise the content of the pages and improve the search function. Search words cannot be linked to other information about the user who made the search.

Data Controller

Wenche Dyrud 917523495, by the CEO is controller and responsible for how your personal information is treated.

Processing of Personal Information
We only process information that is necessary to complete the purchase and the agreement with you, such as credit card details, name and e-mail address. Credit card details, name and e-mail address are submitted by you during the purchase of Courses or events, and the payment is connected to the order. Your e-mail address is processed for the purpose of sending you a receipt of the purchase.

Rights and Legislation
You are entitled to request access, correction and deletion of your own personal information. Please contact us via email: