About Uezu San

Uezu san was born in Okinawa in 1950. From early childhood, he was pondering over deep questions about life and death. He questioned common knowledge and waked up to true understanding.

As a child, his family immigrated to Argentina. The young boy spent much time in the jungle, studying and receiving energy from the animal, plant and mineral realms. As a grown-up, he moved back to Okinawa, where his time was spent in deep unification with the universal consciousness.

Presently, Uezu San lives in Hokuto, Yamanashi prefecture, Japan. He is married and has five children. Transcending everyday life, he is putting great wisdom and love into all aspects of life. He is travelling extensively in Japan and all over the world. From the deep roots of the cosmic intelligence, he gives lectures and healing, teaching a unique meditation method he has named Hogyoku meiso.

He allows himself to be used as a pure channel, in choice-less awareness which provokes spontaneous healing or heightened spiritual states for those receiving his energy. When he places his hands on people for healing, many experience a powerful Christ presence illuminating their body and psyche.

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“You are responsible for your destiny. You need to know that you are carrying cause and effect on your shoulders all the time. No matter how powerful a king may be, he is under this law. Each word you speak and each word you think will fall back to you. So, live with love and compassion for everybody and everything; this is the practice of truth. The ultimate purpose of the body is to live within this understanding that everything is love, everything is compassion.”